Enhance the functionality of your ERP.

Integrating 3rd-party applications with your ERP system offers robust functionality that help to improve workflow.


Improve your workflow by connecting various systems.

Let our experts simplify your workflow by integrating 3rd-party applications into your ERP system. Emagine is well versed in choosing the exact systems systems you need to improve your teams overall productivity.


Bridge the gap between your online store and your ERP system to automatically sync orders and manage inventory.

CRM Systems

Share all types of information by syncing data back and forth between your ERP and CRM systems.

Payment Processing

Integrate payment processing into your ERP workflow to automate manual accounting practices and eliminate double data entry.


Why use 3rd-party integrations?

Improve workflow

Custom development gives your team the tools needed to fully optimize workflow.

Automate tasks

Simple manual tasks should and can easily be automating using 3rd-party integrations.

Enhance functionality

Integrate 3rd-party applications to give your ERP software more functionality such as payment acceptance, and eCommerce bridging.

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